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Foreign &
Parliamentary Affairs,
Diplomacy & International Relations Online Diploma Course

Course Overview

This curriculum or online course is based on three pillars: International Relations, foreign and parliamentary affairs, and diplomacy, forming the core of the curriculum. This programme is tailored for those who desire to build a career on the global and national stage. All courses are tailored to provide fundamental competencies and transferable skills, which shall allow future diplomats, future politicians, international civil servants, representatives of intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, states’ decision-makers, experts, and other specialists to develop high levels of proficiency for efficient fulfilment of their daily tasks.

Serving or Past Ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic neighbourhood, politicians, representatives from the international organisations as well as high-level experts on cutting edge issues are regularly invited to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with the students or participants yearly during a workshop session.

To provide a forum for meeting such experts, a Workshop session is organized and is a part of this curriculum.

The courses are taught through the variety of methodological approaches; exposure to real world situations through workshop and mentorship session and this online learning, to name just a few.


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6 Weeks


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MODULE 1. World Politics: Trends and Transformations

Module Contents

1. The Definition and Scope of International Relations

2. The Birth, Growth and Evolution of International Relations

3. Emerging Issues in International Relations

MODULE 2. Diplomatic Negotiations: Policy, Practice, and Procedures

Module Contents

1 . Introduction

2 . Forms of diplomatic negotiations

3 . Characteristics of Diplomatic Negotiations

4 . Elements of Diplomatic Negotiation

5 .  Challenges of Diplomatic Negotiation

6 . Applicable Example of Diplomatic Negotiation

MODULE 3. Foreign Policy Analysis

Module Contents

1 . Definition and scope of Foreign Policy Analysis

2 . Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis

3 . Aims and Objectives of a Foreign Policy

4 . Constraints for Foreign Policy Analysis

MODULE 4. International Managerial Economics

Module Contents

1 . Introduction

2 . Managerial Interests and the Principal-Agent Problem

3 .  Types of International Economics

1 . Micro-Economics

2 . Macro-Economics

4 . Role of International Managerial Economics

5 . Internal and External Environments that Influence International Businesses

6 . Examination of Real-World International Economics Debate: Laissez-Faire vs. Interventionism

MODULE 5. Core Concepts of International Law

Module Contents

1 . Definition and Scope

2 . Disciplines of International Law

3 . Sources of International Law

4 . International Law and Municipal Law

5 . State Responsibility in International Law

MODULE 6. Conflict Resolution

Module Contents

1 . Introduction: Definition and scope of Conflict

2 . International framework for conflict resolution

3 . International Conflict Resolution and Management

4 . Benefits of conflict resolution.

MODULE 7. Parliamentary Affairs

Module Contents

1 . Introduction

2 . Composition of the Parliament

3 . The function of the Parliament

4 . Roles of the Members of Parliament

5 . Roles of Parliamentary Committees

Parliamentary Models

Programme aims.

The aims of the programme/course are:

Completion requirements for this Course


This online course requires students to take a 50 multiple-choice assessment after studying all the modules involved.

To pass the assessment, student must score 50% or above.

Students can attempt the assessment as many times as they want to get a pass mark.

Completion of this course should take 6 weeks.


  • After completion of the course, the candidate can download their eCertificate.
  • Automatic Associate Member of Young Global Leaders Network for one year free of charge and shall enjoy all benefits.
  • Access to the YGLN ( membership platform and enjoy all Benefits for 1 year free of charge. You get access to live events, publications and much more.
  • Ability to demonstrate your new skills on your CV and by sharing your course certificates with friends and employers.

Online Workshop + Mentorship Session

There shall be a one (1) day workshop and mentorship session for all students on this programme at the end of your online study. Proceed to the registration form to select your availability date, pay for this programme, start and finish this online course.

We will send you an email a week to the online workshop and mentorship session. 

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