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This short course, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation, is a natural fit for students, managers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc who are interested in creating their entrepreneurial business. It has infused entrepreneurship across multiple disciplines with a wide range of skill set for our learners. This course will enhance your career options and/or entrepreneurial abilities and add value to any company in the future.  The core curriculum is set as the baseline for anyone coming through the program to understand where they can go and how they might get there; there is a broad population of modules from leadership to communication to innovation to technology transfer technology commercialization. This course also enhances your knowledge in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership skills. The course brings real-world life inside the classroom. In this course, relatable examples of challenges and opportunities in your organizations are discussed. This course is practical and will get your new business lifted off the ground. The contents of this course offer modes of operation within the modern business environment. It is a necessity for anyone interested in developing new business ideas and having new business insight. It is also recommended for someone who wants to start their own business.

This Course will take learners up to 6 weeks to complete. This is flexible and learners can return to it to complete it once enrolled. Learners can study thus at their own time and at your own pace.

Upon completion, including successful completion of your assessment, learners will receive a certificate.

This course has 10 modules as listed below


Average Completion Time

6 Weeks


3 hours



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Once you enrol

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Certificate to show what you have learnt. Your certificate will also show all the modules you studied.

Module 1- Innovation management

Session 1 Module Contents

1. Innovation and its Importance

2. Selecting areas for innovation

3. Context and Stakeholder analysis

4. Developing an Innovation Project

5. Selecting areas for innovation

6. Output and Delivery


Module 2 -Win That Pitch: Enhancing Pitching and Presentation Skills

Session 2 Module Contents

1 . Introduction

2 . Various presentation styles

3 . Basics of body language and audience eye-contact

4 . Utilize visuals to support a presentation

Module 3 - Personal Branding

Session 3 Module Contents

1 . Planning a personal brand strategy

2 . Basics of branding & brand identity

3 . What is personal branding?

4 . Brand identity creation

Module 4 - Project Management and Change Leadership

Session 4 Module Contents

1 . Key Components of a Project

2 . What Triggers Demand for Projects

3 . Project Management Plan

4 . Project Manager

5 . Change managements

6 . Change Management

Module 5 - Social Enterprise and Social Innovation

Session 5 Module Contents

1 . What is a social innovation?

2 . Who is responsible for social innovation?

3 . Difference between social enterprise and charity

4 . Social enterprise models

Module 6 - Types of Entrepreneurship

Session 6 Module Contents

1 . Types of entrepreneurship

2 . Entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship

3 . Impact of entrepreneurial activities

Module 7 - Leadership and Teambuilding/ Formation

Session 7 Module Contents

1 . Leadership styles and situational leadership

2 . Team development issues

3 . Strategies that a high-performing team should put in place to increase effectiveness.

4 . Advantages of self-assessment for leadership skills

5 . Motivation theory and practice

6 . Leadership strategies

7 . Building a team for an organizational start-up

8 . Ethics and Leadership in Business

Module 8 - Business development skill training

Session 8 Module Contents

1 . Business formation/ownership types

2 . Characteristics of entrepreneurs

3 . Market and marketing concept

4 . Stages of product life in the market

5 . Production management 

6 . Financial management

Module 9 - Business Plan Writing & Market Research

Session 9 Module Contents

1 . Introduction

      1 . Writing a Business Plan

      2 . Market Research

Module 10 - Linking Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Session 10 Module Contents

Linking Entrepreneurship and Innovation

1 . Introduction

2 . Business and innovation

3 . Knowledge Management

4 . Linking Innovation and entrepreneurship

Course Outcome

We look forward to equipping our learners with relevant knowledge that they would utilize in their business and their social circles. At the end of this course learners will


This course is suitable and qualify for the below categories:

          1.  Short Executive Course

          2. Continuing Professional Development course (CPD)

Delivery mode: The course is delivered online or e-learning method.

Completion requirements for this Course

This online course requires students to take a 30 multiple-choice assessment after studying all the modules involved.

To pass the assessment, student must score 50% or above. Students or participants can attempt Assessments as many times as they want in order to pass. 

Completion of this course should take 6 weeks.


Online Workshop + Mentorship Session

There shall be a one (1) day workshop and mentorship session for all students on this programme at the end of your online study. Proceed to the registration form to select your availability date, pay for this programme, start and finish this online course.

We will send you an email a week to the online workshop and mentorship session. 

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